Why this website ?

Ornitho-66 offers an illustrated inventory of all wild bird species that can be observed regularly or occasionally in the departement of Pyrénées-Orientales (France). Close to 300 species have been certified.

Managed by a small team of ornithologists and passionate amateur photographers, all members of the GOR (Ornithological Group of Roussillon), Ornitho-66 comes as an addition to the GOR site. It  is an information  and  exchange tool for amateurs living in our departement as well as for the many French and foreign visitors that are interested in the richness of its avifauna.

What does it contain ?

For each listed species, you will find a sheet with original photographs (about 1.200 in total), information about each species' presence in the departement, links to nesting and / or wintering maps drawn up  by the GOR, as well as to various external resources (Wikipedia articles, videos, ...). We have chosen not to include information  easily accessible in traditional bird guides or on-line encyclopedias (description of the bird, habitat, behavior, ...), so as not to unnecessarily overload the sheets. Rather, we focused on local and practical data that could help our readers in their field research.

The taxonomic classification used in the presentation of species (orders, families, subfamilies) is consistent with the most recent work commonly accepted by the scientific community. It is enriched by many vernacular names in French, in order to make the site as userfriendly as possible for neophytes and experts alike.

The departement of Pyrénées-Orientales offers a great diversity of remarkable natural environments, ranging from coastal marshes to high mountain ranges,  to scrublands of Corbières and to  steppes of the Roussillon plain. It therefore seemed useful to us to allow  users to search for species according to their most usual environments.

Finally, the site also provides access to various high-resolution photographic galleries set up by the authors as a testimony to the great biological diversity of our departement.

Do not hesitate to report any  shortcoming, inaccuracy or error you might detect, and simply send us your suggestions, remarks and questions using the enclosed contact forms . All you have to do is to  open an Ornitho-66 account . It's free, and it will remain so!

We did not translate all the sheets and menus because it would have been a huge job, but we do hope you will enjoy browsing this site anyway.


We wish you a good navigation and good observations !


Credits and Thanks